Personal Recommendations

Uncle Dick's Home - Orphanage"I have known Bob and Pam Tebow since our seminary days together in the 1970’s. The evidence was there at the time and continues to grow today- Bob Tebow is a man unusually marked for effective ministry in evangelism. In fact, as I inventory the effective men I have been privileged to know in my lifetime, Bob Tebow possesses more of the fearless and self-sacrificial spirit of the apostle Paul than any other man that I have met. The hand of God upon his ministry never fails to produce significant fruit. Bob will go where others will not. Honestly, it is a pleasure to commend him to you."
- Stu Weber, Pastor, Good Shepherd Community Church, Gresham, Oregon, Author of numerous Best-selling books, including Tender Warrior and Locking Arms.

Preaching the Gospel to the Philippines"I have known Bob Tebow over thirty-five years as my student, as my teaching assistant, as a missionary, and as my dear friend. He is the most bold and effective evangelist I have ever known. His zeal is undaunted and indefatigable; yet he is unpretentious and true to the core. My wife and I eagerly anticipate his monthly prayer letters to see what great things God is doing through him. His wife and children are thoroughly involved with him in the ministry and are a great credit to him. I commend him to you unreservedly and enthusiastically as a great investment opportunity."
- Earl D. Radmacher, Th. D., President Emeritus of Western Seminary, Editor of Nelson Study Bible.

Sharing the Faith of Jesus with Filipino Children"Bob Tebow is a man with the world on his heart! I am deeply impressed with his unselfish love and commitment to preach in the different places of the world. I sincerely pray that the brethren will pray for and support this man with a vision to reach multitudes for the Lord."
 - Junior Hill, Evangelist